Effective FX is a 3 years old foreign exchange trading company based in London which is growing fast and getting more and more established. Due to this expansion they ask for a new image and a new website that would represent their professionalism, reliability and clearly represent their processes. The keywords for the project were modern, clear and international.


The objective was achieved with the creation of a new identity and new icons to represent the company key points and processes. Cityscapes and metropolis are the main visual feature of the website, recalling the key concepts of modernity and globality. The colour palette, inspired to the previous identity, has now more saturated, bright and fresher tones.


Visual Identity

Web Design

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I am from Italy and Japan. I grew up in Milan and I am currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.

I am, first of all, a very curious being.

My curiosity has driven me in many different directions: graphic and web design, sailing, cooking, voice over and visual art.

In 2010, I graduated from Politecnico di Milano, majoring in Communication Design.

Since then I have worked in creative agencies as an Art Director and as a Freelancer Graphic Designer, carrying my activity with me in the following years of travels and life around the world.

I have been living abroad since 2012, adapting my lifestyle and work to very diverse settings.

I have lived in Mallorca (Spain), on the coasts of Uruguay and Brazil, and in a rural village in Cambodia.

Now permanently based in Cape Town, I continue to pursue my passion for design, bringing a fresh perspective to my creative work from years of movement.

I believe creativity comes from curiosity.

I believe life comes from variety, ideas from perspective.

I am an adaptive creative.

Ready to bring a fresh perspective to the table, with out of the box thinking and an international blend of creative solutions.


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