I meet my clients where they are at, I listen to their stories and core values, and we look together at where they want to be: I assist them in creating a communication strategy suited to their needs and goals and I translate each’s unique qualities into visual language.

I aim to design brand visuals and websites that are adaptive, functional and express the uniqueness of each of my clients.


My objective is to fully understand you and your goals and deliver a product that is fully aligned to your brand, with bespoke look and feel, highlighting what makes you stand out of the crowd

A product that calls to, inspires and engages your audience.

A meaningful, accurately desgined, and functional website, that expresses the essence of your brand.

Bringing your brand to life with creativity, love and attention to detail.

Create a memorable visual identity for your brand, and a uniquely curated website, startegised to reach your future clients and make your dreams come true.

A creative action that starts from listening and understanding.

Listen & Understand 

I hear you. And I ask you questions. I learn about you.  I engage with your brand to fully understand its values and create a design strategy that brings your vision to life, that meets you were you are, and connects the dots to where you want to be.

Research & Define

I research the landscape of your business, look at your competitors, and identify the ideal users; defining a strategy that visually highlights your strengths and gives a consistent, high quality shape to your digital presence.

Design & Style

I create a tailor-made look & feel aligned to your brand, finding your unique expression, and highlighting what sets you apart from the competition. I create a visual landscape adapted to your personality, target market and future objectives.

Functionality & Reach

I develop your ideas and services into a digital reality where good design and efficiency integrate seamlessly; creating a product that feels authentic to your brand,  engages your users and makes you stand out of the crowd.

Share & Care

I support you and guide you on how to make best use of your visual identity ensuring you feel fully confident with implementing it across the board. I care for your vision and assist your growth every step of the way, with adaptive visual solutions to your new endeavours.


Hello, This is Marina!

Adaptive Creative. International. Poliedrical.


I was born from Italian-Japanese parents, grew up in Milan (Italy) and graduated in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2010 and have been designing, learning and creating since.

I worked as a graphic designer and art director for international creative agencies in Milan, London, Paris and Cape Town, helping small and big brands to find their visual language; alongside freelancing for numerous individuals, businesses and agencies for the past 12 years.

Marina Araki Design is the product of the experience and know-how I have cultivated through over a decade of curiosity and passion for design.

I spent a big part of my life understanding the meaning of the word “home”, gradually finding out that many cultural identities are an advantage in perspective and out-of-the box thinking.

This inherent quality translates into an international and varied client based: understanding and  “adapting” to new and different context is the way I learnt to be in this world, and what I aim to bring into my work.

I have always had a passion for everything creative and a strong interest in all aspects and media of human expression: I studied the essence of visual expression and embarked on the journey of bringing meaning through visual communication.

Creating a visual voice, shaping identities, conceptualising visions, understanding the psychology of what is behind the form, to bring it beyond the form, is what excites me.

I love diversity and I love new challenges: that is why I welcome every new idea and brand. I don’t work for a niche, I work for the world: I believe every one has a story to tell and something special to offer, and my role as a designer is to find the essence that makes you-you, and the visual  key to make this essence shine.

Engaging in the diversity of life and the act of creative expression with mindful presence and dedication, is my life-goal.

What my clients say

Marina is an amazing professional. She’s great as a graphic and website designer, I love her clean and sleek style.  She was able to immediately understand my needs and create exactly what I needed. I’m a photographer so visual strength is everything!

She was able to advice on the best route to take to achieve what I needed and gave me many smart and creative suggestions!


Marina has a perfect combination of inspiring creative talent, excellent technical abilities, and the highest standard of professionalism. Every deliverable was presented within the timeframes, and to the highest quality.

Marina’s professional attitude and approach was evident throughout our work together – from concept discussions, to technical solutions, to final deliverables.

Working with Marina was a delight and I highly recommend her.

Relational Therapist

Marina is brilliant: she was able to give shape to the message i wanted to give my clients, perfectly interpreting my professional philosophy through visual communication.

Since I launched my website my visibility and reach have improved remarkably.
I gained more and more patients and I often receive compliments on the quality of my website, and how well done and functional it is!

I am grateful to Marina for her great professionalism, availability and artistic talent.
Here’s to our next collaboration!


Marina is responsive, dedicated and gives a damn about your brand.

Besides excellent professionalism, she has an excellent eye for good design and this is what you want from a designer.

I would have no hesitation recommending Marina for your design work!

Voice Coach

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+27 763639214 (Whatsapp)
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