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Welcome to Marina Araki Design,
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I create visual identities and websites that are fully tailored to meet your requirements, make an impact and add value to your business.

I blend aesthetics, strategy and functionality, using the best technologies and tools out there, to create a results-driven digital experience that stems from understanding what makes you, and your clients, unique.

I am a visual communication strategist, consultant, designer & developer, and I am here to bring your vision to life, with a creative process that focuses on how to bring the best out of your digital presence.

Beauty & Functionality.
Perfectly adapted to your needs.


Visual Communication Consulting
Digital Design Strategy
Brand Development
Web Design & Development
Business Presentations
Brand Collaterals
White Papers & Web Publications

I have a 10+ years experience in helping entrepreneurs, businesses and agencies find their visual presence and make it shine by creating digital assets which are beautiful, performative, user friendly and results driven.

I have worked for a wide variety of projects, clients and industries, bringing their vision to life by developing clear communication design strategies,  memorable styles, creative problem solving and beautifully effective design.

My goal is to turn your business into an epic and unforgettable online brand, optimised for engagement, conversion and ease of use. 

Made with creativity, love & attention to detail.

I am here to help you create a memorable visual identity for your brand, and a uniquely curated website, startegised to reach your future clients and make your dreams come true. 

…And this is me, Marina.
Happy to meet you!


This is Marina, a Brand & Visual Communication Consultant, Strategist, Designer and Developer with 10+ years of international experience.

I was born from Italian-Japanese parents, grew up in Milan (Italy) and graduated in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2010 and have been designing, learning and creating since.

I lived around the world for 11 years and worked as a graphic designer and art director for international creative agencies in Milan, London, Paris and Cape Town, helping small and big brands to find their visual language; alongside freelancing for numerous individuals, businesses and agencies for the past 14 years.

Marina Araki Design is the product of the experience and know-how I have cultivated through over a decade of curiosity and passion for design.

What my clients say

Marina is an amazing professional. She’s great as a graphic and website designer, I love her clean and sleek style.  She was able to immediately understand my needs and create exactly what I needed. I’m a photographer so visual strength is everything!

She was able to advice on the best route to take to achieve what I needed and gave me many smart and creative suggestions!


Marina has a perfect combination of inspiring creative talent, excellent technical abilities, and the highest standard of professionalism. Every deliverable was presented within the timeframes, and to the highest quality.

Marina’s professional attitude and approach was evident throughout our work together – from concept discussions, to technical solutions, to final deliverables.

Working with Marina was a delight and I highly recommend her.

Relational Therapist

Marina is brilliant: she was able to give shape to the message i wanted to give my clients, perfectly interpreting my professional philosophy through visual communication.

Since I launched my website my visibility and reach have improved remarkably.
I gained more and more patients and I often receive compliments on the quality of my website, and how well done and functional it is!

I am grateful to Marina for her great professionalism, availability and artistic talent.
Here’s to our next collaboration!


Marina is responsive, dedicated and gives a damn about your brand.

Besides excellent professionalism, she has an excellent eye for good design and this is what you want from a designer.

I would have no hesitation recommending Marina for your design work!

Voice Coach

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+39 3286959076
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