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for Marco Cini,
Financial Consultant


Independent Financial Consulting is a recent niche in the world of financial firms. Marco Cini’s mission is to be a dependable consultant with trustable set of services aiming to deliver a transparent fund management.  Marco asked for a new brand identity and website to incorporate his portfolio of services, and conveying to the users the ideas of reliability and innovation.

This was achieved through a clean and simple website, that uses contemporary architecture patterns to communicate structure and innovation, juxtaposed with serif headers to communicate trust and professionally. The blue/green/teal hues add modernity and freshness to the look & feel.



Optimised for engagement, performance & ease of use.

Creating an effective website is more than just about the visual design and structure. 
A truly engaging, functional, and successful website design takes into consideration your target audience, user experience, content creation and search engine optimisation.

I ensure that the end product both looks great and works well for users on multiple platforms and across multiple devices.

I integrate web design, web development and digital strategy, for a finished product that won’t only look amazing, but will bring results too.

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